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30 years of plastic, metal, and rubber O-rings.

Hey Gang! Hope you had a good new year. Mine was depressingly lonely actually. As I am writing this the weather outside had turned to crap. Lucky I don’t get out very often cuz this crap is gonna freeze solid by the morning.

The last few weeks I’ve written about traditions, especially around the holidays. Now that it is after new years I’ve had a weird tradition going on the last few years around this time. I’ve mentioned before that one of my geekier pursuits is I collect old G.I. Joe figures from the 80’s/90’s style.  2017 marks 30 years since I bought my very first one back in 1987. Couldn’t tell you what store (probably the old Zayre in Augusta but not sure) but it was the Lt. Falcon figure. This would have been right before the original animated movie was shown on TV. Up until then I had been a massive He-man collector, but that line was ending and the shelf space was already shrinking in stores.

It started with one.


It is now at 503.

Now, not every figure in this collection is G.I. Joe. I have a few Corps! figures in there, a few drugstore generics, an American Defense figure, a MASK figure, and even a Crash Dummy, amongst a few others but they are all part of the same collection I’ve had since I got that one figure as a kid. Some were gifts from Christmases and Birthdays long ago, some I bought on eBay and other sites, some even got purchased at conventions. Every one of them has a story behind it, even if I can’t remember all the details. They’ve been through wars, battles, wrestling shows, and anything else that has come to mind during all these years.

I’m sure some dope is sitting there seeing this and thinking “what a nerd” fuck you asshole. These guys have been a tool I use to expend a lot of creative energy that I wasn’t able to otherwise use, even as a writer. It’s no different than the redneck with all the guns he never uses, or the old guy that has a huge model train collection. Mine just happens to be more contemporary and without a pretense of that “mint in box” stuff. I’m not selling these, so I don’t care about any of that stuff.

So, for those of you out there with your own collections, no matter what, don’t feel like it needs to be hidden or feel guilty about it. It is a part of your life and means a lot to you, revel in it. These little guys have been a big part of me and my life for a long time and I don’t mind getting them all together for a big picture just to see how much the collection or I as a person have grown.


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