We are going to miss you Fluffy.

I write this with a heavy heart. As I posted my last article earlier today, a member of the AniMaine con family was taken away from us. Kaitlin “Kat” Henderson was a dear member of the convention for a number of years and a wonderful friend to talk to online. A number of times she was always there in some part of the hotel hallways looking out for all of us and helping to make things run smoothly. She was a wonderfully friendly person and was never a bother or trouble to anyone, and was there even online with a kind word if you needed it. Having her gone is a big loss for the AniMaine family and not having her there is going to be a noticeable difference when we all get together again in November.

I invited one of our family members and one of Kat’s closest friends, Jesse Swan to write something and she shared this wonderful moment from a convention’s past:

Portcon 2010. My first con. I was GIR from Invader Zim, and people had been giving me tacos all weekend. As the weekend began to wrap up, a young lady, about 16-17 years old approached me. She was dressed as a ‘Team Magma Grunt’. In a small, timid voice, I hear “I wanted to get you tacos, but I hope this is okay instead.” She then handed me a 3inch pin for my bag, that had GIR on it, riding a taco, and it said ‘TACOS!” in bright blue letters.

This was my first time meeting Kaitlin “Kat” Henderson, who most of know as “Fluffy”.

Unfortunately, on January 30th, at 4:23, she passed away in her sleep at Eastern Maine Medical Center, surrounded by her friends and family. She is remembered by her mother and father, Kim and Kevin Sr, her brother, Kevin Jr, her fiance, Camden, and her beloved dog, Molly, as well as many friends and family in the con world. She was a beloved ANIMAINE security officer, and we are going to miss her terribly. Kat was an amazing woman. Very loving, generous, and kind. She shared her love with many people, and she was loved by more people than she knew.

Feel free to share your memories of Kat, and be there for each other.

I know many of you reading this might have never been to AniMaine or had the pleasure of knowing her, but Kat was wonderful and the world we live in lost a wonderful spirit. So, if you are reading this, give your friends and family an extra huge. For her, for me, and for yourselves. Take care of yourself.

Thank you.

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