Is Twitch the new future of creativity?

Hi Gang! Honestly, this may not be a very long one this week. That wonderful thing called depression has got me pretty hard lately. But never the less here we go.

Before I get too deep this week. How about that Royal Rumble though? After years of trolling fans and pushing their own shit, the WWE finally had a good entertaining show! I had a great time watching it! Anyway…

So I follow a lot of content makers on social media. Lot’s of Youtubers and the like, so while I don’t do a series like most of them (there is a reason I WRITE more than anything) I do follow a lot about what is going on in that world. Things like when Patreon changes their fees for no reason other than to get people to talk about Patreon, only to change everything back, Copyright issues, and now Youtube’s newest venture against its own users over the new threshold is for content makers to actually make any money off their creations.

Of course, this is in reaction to that dipshit going to Japan and making jokes and showing dead bodies. But that guy was one of Youtube’s guys. They were pumping money into his and his dumb ass so much he was scheduled to appear in shows FOR YOUTUBE. But whatever. That is not what I wanted to write about.

Everytime Youtube screws over its majority and its own fanbase, it always makes me think that an alternative will come along, learn from these mistakes and down the road make Youtube a worthless commodity. I wonder if I found it right under my nose.

I’m talking about Twitch.

I know, Twitch is mostly a gaming thing and instead of videos they deal mostly with live game streams of people actually playing games, only lately have they been getting more into the “creative Streams” or things along those lines. But look at Twitch on a bigger picture. You can now watch shows on Twitch. Hell, I was watching The Grand Tour the other night. Not only that but more and more wrestling companies now show there stuff live on Twitch instead of trying in vain to get a TV deal or putting up with Youtube’s ridiculous shit. I watched the AAA Lucha Libre event LIVE just a few days ago, and I watched the TripleMania event here a few months ago. Sure, there were some issues, especially in the English language broadcasting. But with a few kinks Ironed out this is a perfectly suitable alternative to get their name out there.

Twitch isn’t more than a couple of steps away from being the new place for content creators.

The big thing, of course, is money. No one likes doing this kind of thing for free (wait…why am I here?). Now there are already easy ways for gaming streams to get donations and such on their streams. But as we’ve seen over on the ‘tube, it doesn’t take THAT much for deals to happen. A box a month company, a video game company, or whatever will find people to use to pitch their crap. Companies always find ways to take advantage of this and make more money. Hell, that explains half of the problem with Youtube!

The only thought that crosses my mind that could mess this all up is who would be in charge. I have no idea who is the top of the food chain at Twitch or what kind of job they do. You need to have someone in control or at least someone in their ear that knows what is going on. Someone who “gets it”. Fat chance of that happening, but you never know.

It all boils down to this. People WANT to create. They want to be appreciated for their creative energy and their effort. I know I do! There are others out there. Hell, even with all their “head up our ass” management style there are still people out there producing real content and creativity, even if the best they get in return in donations on Patreon or whatever else. All it would take is someone to look at Youtube’s constant stupid moves to protect their own collective asses and learn how to run a better and smoother environment for creators and you could make a fortune on it without being an overlord about it.

Could it happen? Maybe. Maybe sooner than you think. Here’s to the future of the creative spirit!

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Here’s hoping this is the first step in lots of big things for all my books!

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