Sufficed it to say that Angela here is the strongest of all the Starbolts. She has the ability to force the truth out of people, fly, shoot energy blasts and is an empath. Pretty strong, I have to admit. At least the info is out and it looks like Terra Nova and D.I.S.C.O.R.D. are one and the same. Who saw that one coming? Not me! Actually, I did. Haha.

Looks like Shrall is going to stick around to see that this organization crumbles. GOOD. We need heroes like him around.

Ellie’s training is also going well. We’ll be seeing more of her, too! So much stuff is happening. You can find all the info about the Starbolts here:

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About Cferra

I am the author of the Starbolts webcomic and host of Comic Showcase.

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