Action Figures can do that!

One of the geeky past times I have is a collected action figures. Mostly G.I. Joes known as “Real American Hero” figures. The little plastic guys from the 1980s. I’ve been collecting them since roughly 1987 or so as a kid, and even though they weren’t being made for a few years I was still getting figures from online places like eBay or whatever.


I’ve had them on my mind lately because one of the habits I have is every year I lay out all my Joes and related figures from that scale and lay them all out and get a picture of all of them. I try to count how many I have too. I did a picture a little while ago but the camera didn’t really get a good one and I was considering doing a better picture of all of them.


Well, recently I got things together and literally the day a new figure arrived in the mail (a 1983 Gung Ho figure I got from eBay) I got everything out while I still had decent light out to do it and got a new picture and a count of 535 figures!


Most of that number are GI Joes, but I also have an American Defense Flame figure, a Bionic 6 Dr. Scaab, and a few Corps figures as well. Plus a Crash Dummy Bull figure that I hold in high regard for a long time now. He used to be the mascot for my website.


But recently someone I know online did a write up for another figure I have in the 1989 Dee Jay G.I. joe figure.




Weirdly that figure has a lot of meaning to me too. Even though he doesn’t look like me at all (I’m a white guy is a big difference) Dee-jay was the “Me” figure that I’ve had since roughly 1989. Mostly I use that as a wrestling figure to cross into one of my other fandoms.


Yes, That figure represents this guy.


But the write up of the figure itself reminds me of a story of it from 1993. I had the original figure from 1989 but at the time that figure was “well used” and had seen better days. I had heard from my best friend that a local toy store (A Kay-Bee store) was selling a bunch of old toys at the time and was full of old figures from the 80s. I went and picked up a NEW Dee-Jay figure and used that as “me” from then on, while the original figure became “The Black Cat” and evil dark wrestler I had used with other guys for years. Eventually, I got into how to fix those figures and eventually fixed that old figure even though it had seen better days. I still have both figures and even if Dee-jay still isn’t the most sought after figure in the Real American Hero figures, I still hold him in high regard in my creative mind.


It’s a part of me.


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