And they’re off to various points in time and space! Where are they all going? Well, here’s a list of who is going where:

Number Time team Time period
1 Mateo/Angelo Crystal’s farm
2 Aquita/Dendra Jenna burns down school
3 Marcus/Rose D.I.S.C.O.R.D. Island
4 Firaxil/Jacob Aquan Occupation
5 Angela/MJ Firaxil and New Inobus
6 Jenna/Sirak Angela’s death
7 TK/Jack Kevin’s mom’s death
8 Kevin/Kaori Death of King Sirak
9 Norad Sara’s death

The only ones not going on a mission are Sara, Shrall, Anya and the newbies. They’ll be staying behind to monitor the crazy adventures through time and space. Let’s not forget that Crystal and M’anta have their own missions to save Carter and Yeena respectively. That isn’t to say the others won’t have important things to do. They will. Oh, they certainly will if Stan and Andrea are planning something. They won’t be left out of the coming conflict! And what a conflict it will be!

You might ask why Shrall wouldn’t go to Sara’s timeline with Norad. Well, it was decided off screen that the android has no emotional impediments at this time. He’d be able to solo it with no problem. No emotional issues. Shrall and the others have another job to do!

So, yes. Marcus is the heart of the team. There’s this thing with the DCAU that if the Flash were to ever die, the entire Justice League would turn evil. This plays on that principle. Call it the “Speedster Principle”. =)

At any event, the stage is set. We’ll be going to these events in chronological order. So, the first event we’re going to is event #4, the days of the Aquan Occupation. Fun times ahead, readers.

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