A little friend at Home Base.

Hi Gang!


Of here I have told stories in the past of the wildlife I get around my backyard and the bird feeders. I’ve had flocks of deer, a whole host of turkeys, skunks, Cats, and a lot of other critters that keep me entertained over the years.


Recently though we have another regular in our backyard and just around Home Base in a small red squirrel. He is not as big as the bigger grey squirrels but that doesn’t seem to bug any of the squirrels that hang out around the feeders or any of the other creatures that get up into the trees around. He doesn’t seem to cause a problem to anyone and for us humans watching him, he is cute and fun to watch.


He is a regular around the house and we see him all the time, usually in the back yard, scanning around looking to the ground for his next meal. If something does get his attention the little guy moves FAST and sometimes you will see that little guy running or jumping across the back yard faster then anything else that moves across back there. He moves from one end of the yard to the other quicker than anything you could expect.


Every once and awhile he will climb up on the back deck and take a place along the handrails and then just sit there and watch the backyard. I’m not sure if he is actually keeping watch over anything in particular but he is back there so much that he is welcome to do it! Every so often he comes around the deck to the other side near the front door and does the same, watching the big tree he likes to climb up and rest in. He has surprised me doing that, when I am trying to come out to the kitchen for breakfast and see him sitting there through the front door. I will admit to giving him a wave, especially if he is looking in my direction.

The little guy seems to be out there for most of the day. If you take a look at the bird feeders in the back yard, no matter what time of day, the little fellow will usually be out there getting some grub. When the weather is harsh and it is snowing like crazy out there, he will usually be out there at some point, covered in snow most likely and getting some of that grub found on the ground. And oftentimes he is not alone out there and a few of the other squirrels, either grey or red, will be out there with him.

So I hope to keep seeing the little guy hunting around the back yard and getting some of the good grub we put out there for him and the others who stop by for a snack. He doesn’t cause us any issue and he is welcome to come around.


So rock on little guy, you have a place here at home base if you need it!


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