OCW Artwork

Click the title card to listen or download!

It’s the first episode! Join as we watch Independent Wrestling TV’s show “Family Reunion” available on FITE.TV. We discover various different indie promotions, the Jay/Parnell rivalry, and MIKEY!!!


– @Joe_Hunter for the artwork

– @Ontarioku for the intro

– Neil Cicierega for not suing us for using the theme “Mullet with Butterfly Wings” off of the album “Mouth Sounds”

– FITE.TV for access to this show

– Tights and Fights, OSW Review and Wrestlesplania for the inspiration

Social Media:
– Rosen: @Rosen_Thorne, http://twitch.tv/Rosen_Thorne

– Miss Nightmare: @Msnightmare24http://patreon.com/NightmareProductions

– Bunny: @Shadow_Novax

– Crash: @TehRockCritic, http://patreon.com/tehrockcritic, http://youtube.com/tehrockcritic

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