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Oy I would say it was a rough day yesterday but with this Coronavirus stuff going on, it is just a rough time of everything.

I wrote an article for one of my jobs yesterday. It was about Wrestlemania possibly being shut down and with the worry of that going around, was anybody thinking about the Hall of Fame ceremony scheduled for the Thursday before the big event and would fans even be needed if something to happen to that show.

I get it all edited and posted. Of course, in less than one hour after I did, the WWE sent out a notice that the Hall of Fame Ceremony, the NXT Takeover card, and the Wrestlemania event itself had been canceled and that Wrestlemania this year would be in the Performance Center in front of no fans.

Great timing on my part huh?

Looking at things, I’m not to mad or anything that the WWE Hall Of Fame Ceremony will be from a different place in front of no audience. That was the point of the article I wrote, if there was an event that week to not involve fans or something like what is going on, let it be that one. The audience for that show in immaterial and as shown on some of these NXT Year-end awards shows, the audience doesn’t matter as much if you look at it. With inductees like the Bellas or JBL being inducted, better not have a bunch of fans to tell us how they feel about things. I only care about Davey Boy Smith or Jushin Liger anyway. Davey Boy isn’t with us anymore and Jushin Liger probably isn’t going to be allowed in the country and kept in Japan anyway. Not really an ideal situation for that event. I can live with that though. They can do other ceremonies that do work for each one. I can watch those at any time. They can release a DVD or something with that. They have before.

As for Wrestlemania itself. THAT is going to suck.  Whatever matches or shows they have planned for that night are going to lose much of there point with no fans and it taking place from the Performance Center. There is a rumor that the WWE is planning on doing Wrestlemania in New York at MSG in early June but who knows how much of that is true or not.

No matter what happens, glad they are showing it on the WWE Network and not still charging 60 bucks for it on Pay Per View. I wouldn’t pay that kind of money for something with no fans from the Performance Center.

Of course with everything with this Coronavirus outbreak up in the air, Who knows what actually comes to pass with this show. Other Wrestling shows around the World are being canceled left and right. The New Japan Cup Tournament has already been called off. Who knows what NJPW does with that.

No matter what though, Stay safe gang!

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