OCW Artwork

Click the picture or this link to listen!

Special guests Writrzblok and The Wire join Casey and Rosen for a recent, non-Mania-weekend show!


– @Joe_Hunter for the artwork

– @Ontarioku for the intro

– Neil Cicierega for not suing us for using the theme “Mullet with Butterfly Wings” off of the album “Mouth Sounds”

FITE.TV for access to this show

– Tights and Fights, OSW Review and Wrestlesplania for the inspiration

Social Media:
– Rosen: @Rosen_Thorne, http://twitch.tv/Rosen_Thorne

– Miss Nightmare: @Msnightmare24http://patron.com/NightmareProductions

– Jeff: @writrzblok, writrzblok.blogspot.com

– Morgan: @Thewire2

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