With everyone going back to the future, it’s now time to turn our attention back to the wedding we almost had at the beginning of this arc. Wow, that was thirty comics ago! Yes, it’s definitely time to get back on track and have the Odanta-Whitefox wedding. This time, however, there are a few more guests. The teens from the future and Chief have been cordially invited to witness the wedding event of the year!

All I can really say is that it’s about time those two tied the knot. Now their future daughter will be there along with her friends. That’s going to make for an interesting conversation for when she gets back.

Sam and I are also hard at work planning the next few arcs. We have something big planned for #500 as we march forward to that milestone. It’s going to be huge! After that, we’ll have some more amazing tales. Do stay tuned! We have a wedding to go to next week! Get cleaned up because we’re headin’ to a superhero weddin’!

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