It has not been kind here at home base.

I’ve pointed out before how hot it has been around here and despite a little bit of rain here the last few days it hasn’t gotten any cooler.

Big also I have been feeling depressed on top of it. You guys don’t really care about my problems so I won’t make this too to long. I’ve been taking a break from submitting my written work to publishers or trying to find an agent. One big thing I’m telling you is that being on the hunt for either is demoralizing and take s a lot out of you. I’m back on the hunt again and already it is making me feel miserable spiritually along with physically from this heat.

At this point, I am trying to get Cityscape Tokyo to a real publisher. Self Publishing worked well for what it was but here I am and I haven’t made much from it or any of the kRaveings books, or any of the other books I’ve written now that I think about it. They don’t bring me any money and now I’ve gotten to the point where they don’t bring me any of the good feelings they used to. I took a break for a bit to try and clear my head of things, but now I am back talking to mostly publishers directly. A literary agent to do all of this for me would be nice but I can’t seem to find anything like that around so I’m not going to waste my time with that.

It’s making me miserable with getting rejected all the time. But right now it seems it is the best I can do. Here is hoping this time I can turn it into something.

Also, it would be the time to mention the passing of wrestling giant James Harris who was better known as The Mighty Kamala.

Harris played the character that was a headliner in and out of the WWF through the 80s and 90s. Whether he was fighting Jerry Lawler in the Memphis Territory, Headling for Bill Watts in the Mid South Territory, or headlining on top of the card in the WWF or WCW. Harris slapped his belly and wore that paint like no other as he made a lot of money over the years. No matter where he went on his wrestling travels he was a big hit. To Mr. Harris, I salute you with respect and power. Thank you and hope you are remembered forevermore.

Read Cityscape Tokyo to find out how the two teens and their guardians have to survive and watch out for each other when the company’s dark past comes back to haunt the kids and their guardian once again and make for an incredible adventure in Cityscape Tokyo! Now available on the Bull Moose website!

You can also find my other work HERE

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