The march to Starbolts #500 continues with this comic focusing on Andrea talking to Yeena about her future plans. But, before that we had the team of mother and son taking down a team of poachers. By the way, Aquans can speak telepathically to whales, dolphins and other aquatic mammals.  It’s a cool thing they can do. It makes total sense! I wanted to show Yeena in action one last time and what better way to do that than by showing her take down some poachers! Pretty cool, huh?

 I wanted to show Andrea and Yeena talking because they were longtime friends and I hadn’t had a scene with just the two of them reconnecting like the old days. They were friends and teammates after all. Now we see them as friends again and picking up where they left off.

After that, we had Firaxil and Sara returning from their quick “honeymoon”. They weren’t going to stay away too long. Eagle-eyed viewers will see some familiar furniture in their baby’s room. We have the screen from the Arlanderos’ house and the teddy bear Sara had at the Marshalls’ house, too. Not a bad start, right?

We’re still on our way to #500! Not much further to go! See ya next time!

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