And I wasn’t drinking either!


I got to thinking last night while getting to sleep that I seem to have a rigorous imagination when sleeping. It seems my mind starts running wild when I am relaxing for the night.

Take last night, For some reason, my mind had a long ass dream about living during the old west days. No gunfights or anything exciting, the whole vision I had was sitting around in an empty room in old-time gear with a purple dog and looking at pictures and hearing old-time stories about the people in those pictures. Who was telling me about those people? I don’t know. Seemed my imagination wanted me to have some fun with it. Maybe it was the purple dog.


I’ve had these kinds of dreams before. Back in my college days, I had a class about dream interpretation and BOY HOWDY did I have fun with that. My presentation (we had to tell the class about one of our dreams and have some art to go with it) was about a dream I had seen a short time before. The dream started as I was presented to Tsunami (from Tenchi Muyo) in her godlike form and told that little Sasami needed a friend to help her with things. I appeared before her and we talked back and forth and became friends, After this whole presentation my teacher at the time assured me I wasn’t crazy. I may have some women issues but I wasn’t going bonkers. It was a psyche class so if you need to be told you aren’t bonkers having your teacher from a psyche class be the one to say that. I ended up passing that class by the way.

Going back in my life I remember having wild dreams even back then. When I was little I remember a dream where the neighbor’s house catching fire and it spreading slowly to our house and not being able to do anything about it (like you know, running from it). The visions didn’t actually get to the part where my house actually caught fire but even still, waking up from that vision (that I still remember as an adult) I was sweating buckets and had to take a moment to catch my breath. a dream that can do THAT to you after you wake up must have been some powerful stuff. I think I was ten years old at the time.

Granted, these kinds of dreams don’t drive me to therapy, and usually, I’m not dreaming of doing anything violent. I’m not that type, even in my dreams. Maybe I should look up more into dream interpretation online and give some reason for some of these mad visions I’ve had. It probably won’t change anything but maybe give me something to think about. Possibly think about them in my dreams.

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