Welcome to the 500th edition of the Starbolts, true believers! Can you believe it’s taken twelve years to get to this comic? The Starbolts certainly have changed a lot since my first comic back in 2008 and now here they are after some huge changes. Crystal is now a main character and has gone through some serious character development. Now she’s confident and is ready to take on the role of Lady Liberty!
However, if the last two panels are anything to go by the future may get rocky for our newly minted Lady Liberty. Fighting the returning Nautilus is one thing. Now she will soon have to contend with Ruby Arronfeld, the woman who “raised” her on that “farm”. Heh. So many air quotes. So little time.
But, yeah. Nautilus was freed from prison after the events of Starbolts #316 and is being sent right back there. Such is the life of Zach Benton, the merc with no sense. =)
Crystal had a very interesting conversation with Xander. Will he listen? Probably not. But, I think the Starbolts will be watching him from now on. We shall see what happens. Look forward to that and more Starbolts action coming soon! Enjoy the ride! The next five hundred comics will be sure to be quite a trip!

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About Cferra

I am the author of the Starbolts webcomic and host of Comic Showcase.

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