The big news that has been flashing around on MSBC, CNN, and lots of other news stations on television is that President Trump has gone to the Hospital and has shown symptoms of catching COVID- 19.

Trump is not a favorite of mine, I ran against him in the last Presidential Election and I was crushed in the polls. No surprise there. 4 years later it isn’t so much that I lot. I figured that was going to happen, but the problem is that I lost to THIS GUY. I still remember spending electoral night 4 years ago on my computer with a friend of mine in California that was in tears when the results were coming in that we had 4 years of dealing with this guy ahead of us. I wasn’t a fan of Hilary Clinton either.

Honestly, I think him even catching COVID is suspect. Sure there are other people around him that are getting sick too so it’s not out of the question, but he has shown such a reason to SAY he caught CONVID when he really isn’t that sick. Then when he “beats” this and gets “better” he then can strut around before all the people he is facing and say how awesome he is for getting through such an issue and that he is better than Biden for doing it.

Like I said before, I’m no fan of his.

Sure, many have pointed out his reaction to Convid and his handling of the issue but people have acted surprised. Do you think he would have done anything differently? Hell, I’m surprised some news agency doesn’t have pictures of him walking into the White House after being flown back from the hospital and taking off ALL his clothes and running around the White House naked for all he cares about spreading COVID around to anyone who is stuck working there during this issue.

With the election coming up, I’m not saying Joe Bidan is perfect. There are a lot of issues with him too, but I’d much rather pick him than the shit we’ve had to put up with for the last four years. I’d rather have Kamala Harris than that religious nut Mike Pence as the second in command now that I think about it.

Guess politics maybe isn’t my best topic to be thinking about right now.

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