This week’s comic brings us two unexpected arrivals for the Starbolts. First off we have Angela and Kevin having a long awaited and much needed reunion. Things were tense for a while since she went to Demonsk without his input. That put a little strain on their relationship. Thankfully, they worked things out and are getting back on track. As for that little cave they went to, well….it’s an underwater cave. I think they’ll have privacy there. Much needed privacy. The cave was discovered by Aquita and she and Mateo have made it into a love nest. How did she find out about it? Good question. I doubt the princess would have told her.

    It looks like Robkas is back in town with a new girlfriend. Her name is Kahlia. We’ll be hearing more about her in the next few comics. What is Robkas’s endgame here? He wants to be senator, right? Is he using her to get the job? OR is she using him? It’s hard to say. Basically, Kahlia is an Aquan version of Crystal with zero inhibitions. He should be careful. Then again, perhaps he’s also in on it.

    I really liked how that sunrise panel came out. It took a few tries. But, I think it works. See ya next time for more of what Robkas is up to now that he’s back. What does this mean for our heroes? Stay tuned!

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