Only a complete and utter douche like Robkas would have a political announcement at the same time a royal birth is taking place. But, it gets worse. They’re in the same building. I want it known that the Starbolts are right to chastise Robkas due to his crimes. He has been a constant thorn in their sides since his return ages ago. The man has some serious issues and the Starbolts don’t tolerate him. Why should they? He kidnapped Aquita, brainwashed her, took part in several attempts to take over either Earth or Aquarius and countless other crimes.

    Then there’s his girlfriend. It looks like Kahlia Motres is cut from the same cloth. M’anta asked Firaxil to do a quick check on her file before he arrived at the beach. It didn’t take long as he used his Centurion helmet. The helmet includes an uplink to any criminal database depending on what world the Centurion is on and Kahlia appears on the list. She did some time. But, is she really reformed?

Who knows? I wonder if Robkas and her even have a future. They do seem to deserve each other.

Either way, next comic sees the birth of the new prince! Stay tuned!

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I am the author of the Starbolts webcomic and host of Comic Showcase.

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