It has been a little while since you’ve seen anything from me so guess I better write something and post it.

Frankly, I have been fighting depression again, Between problems with my hip, sickness from not eating enough, and problems with my family have left me depressed for a while. Like thoughts of suicide levels of stress. It took a lot out of me to even get going. I’m feeling a little bit better (mostly I have eaten some food helped) so don’t worry about my mental state right now. I wonder if any of you even care really.

One cause for my issues is that this is the first time in DAYS I’ve had any time to myself. Due to COVID issues, other people are home ALL the time. I’ve wasted my breath with trying to deal with them and I have had just about enough. I don’t talk to them AT ALL right now and just take my moments to myself in my room. Just let them do their thing and just stay away from it. They’ve driven me crazy enough as it is without adding more stress on top of everything.

Adding to my issues is I am still waiting for my tax return to come back and I hear there is a second stimulus that was supposed to arrive sometime. Still waiting for my money but as usual, I’m left to sit here and wait/ My job paid me at least. So thankfully I have some money coming in. Not a lot, but still something.

So things kind of suck right now but they could be worse. I’m not sick with anything (as far as I know) ab=nd none of my family or friend have passed away or gotten deathly ill so things could be worse.

So for now it will be best to just wait things out and hope the future is much better to me than it is now.

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