The new prince is finally here and his name is Criam J’arrsti. Longtime readers will remember that Criam was the name of Aquita, Shrall and M’anta’s grandfather. The elder Criam was the one who liberated Aquarius from the Mosqukatara. You can read about his heroic sacrifice all those years ago here. Now he carries on the name for a new generation. Will he be king? It’s hard to say. He WILL be meeting his cousin, Sirak, next week though!

    Speaking of next week. Expect Aquita to FINALLY confront Robkas over his latest ramblings. It’s a safe bet she’s just going to give him the cold shoulder as he usually does. And of course Kahlia is no prize herself. Seriously. She hit on Marcus on live television. Oh and to make it worse Crystal probably saw it. She knows Marcus would NEVER stray. However, she does have just cause to beat up that lady. Kahlia clearly has issues and she and Robkas were made for each other!

    I’m also planning on doing a long awaited scene with Aquita and her mother. I really want to make one before they head back to Earth. Stay tuned for that and of course future comics!

See ya next week!

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