I should probably explain what Aquita said. Basically, Robkas has ruined his life. Aquans take sex very seriously as they are a telepathic race. They bond with their mates for life and thus have to be very selective in choosing their life partner. They do not consummate their union unless they are ABSOLUTELY sure. And it’s usually the woman who initiates the mating ritual. If their love isn’t pure, their bond is meaningless and the two become hollow. Robkas also mated with Kahlia in an attempt to make Aquita jealous. This backfired horribly and now he has to live with his decision. As far as Kahlia goes, she has no real feelings for him. They can’t read each other and if they can’t read each other, there is no bond. That is a hard concept for an Aquan to deal with as they are a race of telepaths.

    This isn’t to say personality and chemistry don’t also play a role. They do. This scenario is more about being able to connect telepathically to one another. An Aquan can obviously connect to another Aquan or a non Aquan as we’ve seen with Mateo and Jenna in the past. However, problems can arise if they can’t adequately sense the other person. In this regard, Robkas and Kahlia are probably doomed as their telepathic needs can never be met.

    I hope that clears things up. Robkas is now stuck with Kahlia, a woman who has also mated with various Aquans for the wrong reasons. In a way, this makes them a perfect pair. Now, there is no stigma attached to it because it was their choice. They just can no longer read each other like I said. They have to live with their choices and she was never able to read him anyway.

    I think this lesson will affect Marcus the most because he has been in a relationship for about a year. When he gets back to Earth, he’s really going to up the romance with Crystal. He is the youngest of the original Starbolts and so he still has a lot to learn about love.

    We also learned a bit about Aquan development this week. Baby Aquans start off sort of like tadpoles. I didn’t have space in the sprite to put in a tail. But, baby Criam definitely had one. And his hands and feet were like dolphin flippers. The baby has a lot of developing to do. I’m sure he’ll swim circles around his older cousin some day!  

    I also liked writing that scene with Aquita and her mother. We seem to be doing many scenes with the Starbolts and their parents lately. Huh. I should probably write one with Marcus and his parents. That’d be cool. Perhaps I will since Aquita’s words hit home for him. He loves Crystal and she loves him. But, now he has firsthand knowledge about auras and what all that really means. He’s gonna be a changed man. Probably for the better!

Time will tell!

See ya next time!

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