This week we begin a new storyline and it starts with a look into the backstory of Cecilia Rivera. You might remember her from a few stories ago where she was Sara and Crystal’s primary caretaker when they were little.  See Starbolts #450 and Starbolts #451 for details. She was under the employ of Elizabeth King and was instrumental in saving Sara’s life. Cecelia was then tossed into a mental hospital and was forgotten until Crystal and Sara freed her many years later. Now the truth is out. Cece was a witch all along!

    Everything makes sense now, right? She had no family. No one knew she was in the asylum and thanks to Zarantha her mind was zapped. This caused Cece to not remember who she was. Poor Cece. She lost her people. She lost her memories. Everything. We need to make it up to her!

    Don’t worry. Sam and I will! The next few comics will have Sara and Crystal exploring what it means to be void witches. Next comic will actually have an in depth look at how void magic effected Crystal more than it effected her sister. Both will be changed for the better once this arc is done with! Trust me!

It’s a shame Marcus and Crystal were interrupted in the shower. More on that next week. 

See ya next time!

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