This week Crystal found out the truth about her powers and in a couple of weeks she is going to find more than she bargained for. I won’t spoil what happens. But, there is definitely more to the story of her powers manifesting themselves during moments of stress or trauma. It also turns out that Marcus has been very helpful in helping her deal with her trauma. More on that later, too. 

    Both Sara and Crystal seem to be taking the revelation in stride and in the coming weeks they will be exploring what it means to be void witches. Firaxil has a point. Now he and Crystal know who they are and the Arronfelds can’t take that away from them. Very nice of course. =) What will they discover in the void? They’ll be coming back changed, I can guarantee that. How? We shall see!

     Poor Crystal, though. She had to deal with some serious body image issues when she was growing up. She developed early thanks to the serum from her mother and puberty was kind to her. The adults in her life were less than kind as we’ll see soon. Jed leering at her and Ruby calling her names did not help her. She couldn’t help looking very attractive. Part of her hangups still linger in the form of confidence and sexual abuse didn’t help either. It’s no wonder she is still in therapy. Luckily, Marcus is there to help her and it has been helpful. Firaxil has also helped. Both women have had to deal with a lot and they will be coming out of this changed. 

    Her nightmares, though, are another issue that will be resolved in time. How, exactly remains to be seen. Seeing images of Cody in her head is never a good thing and Marcus plans on undoing everything he ever did to her. It’ll take time, patience and understanding. We’ll be seeing how that develops in future comics.

See ya next time!

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