Wow! This week we learn a bit more about Cece’s backstory. I should really add some of this to the official timeline page. I will do so in time. The events of the comic’s flashback took place over a few centuries. Lucien’s death occurred some time in the late 1800s in Rhode Island. Ahh, Lucien. The guy is a bit of a jerk isn’t he? You could say he got swift justice for what he did. However, we will see next week that this wizard was no ordinary douchey mage. Nope. He instituted some policies for the Order of Korun that greatly irked Stan Whitefox when he came around. How? You’ll see!

    Stan is definitely not going to be pleased to hear that the council is persecuting void witches. Sara and Crystal, like the other metahuman Starbolts, already faced persecution from just having special powers. The Department of Metahuman Affairs was created to combat those who would harm someone just because they had superpowers. Most of the world has greatly accepted people with metahuman gifts by now and yet now the magic community seeks to undo some of the strides made in that area. So, yeah. Stan is gonna be MAD

    More on this next time. It’s never a dull moment with this team is there? It should be noted that the guardsmen at the temple have this sort of Visionaries/Captain Power thing going on. Ironically enough both series were from 1987 and I had toys from both franchises. I have no idea what I was thinking. I just thought it looked cool and it fits somehow!

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