It looks like the plot thickens this week as Stan makes the scene as only he can. Stan is a wizard and a very well renowned one. His words have weight and while he isn't on the council that much, he still has a lot to say--especially concerning his two daughters. I liken his actions this week to when Nick Fury told off the "World Security Council" in the first Avengers movie. Will there be consequences to all of this? Probably. As Stan himself said, there always is.

In my mind, Adelphus was overjoyed when Stan burst through the doors. Not because he was bored or anything. It was more that he relishes in the excitement of seeing Stan do magic. He was happy when Stan freed Crystal. This is probably because Adelphus was the one who vouched for Stan's entrance into the Order. We may get into their history next comic.

Sara and Crystal will be assessed and there will be some talking going on. You can bet Cassandra is off fuming somewhere. She and Lucien definitely had a history together. While they were together, I don’t think it ever went beyond a certain point. I dunno if she holds ill will toward the girls. She definitely does for Cece. Time will tell what happens on that front. Stay tuned!

See ya next time!

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