This week some valuable lessons have been learned. The first being to never judge outward appearances. Sure Adelphus may have looked and played the eccentric fool. However, he is brilliant. The problem is that the years are catching up to the wizard and sadly it’s taken a toll. Stan will happily accept more time on the council as they find a suitable replacement. Who will it be? For all we know it could be Lucas. He learned an important lesson this week. Never spare against a Starbolt. Well, you can. Just make sure they aren’t a super-soldier, alien or an android. As long as it’s none of those people you SHOULD be okay. Emphasis on should. Results may vary. Poor Lucas. I think the Order of Korun needs to employ a strict regiment on hand-to-hand-combat. That’s clearly where Crystal excels.

    Speaking of Crystal, she learned that what she experienced with Marcus is normal, healthy sex. That is a huge deal for her. Yes, they’ve had sex before. But, that’s not the point. The spells were definitely inhibiting the pleasure centers of her brain because of past trauma. She didn’t know what good sex was supposed to feel like because of the blocks and because Cody was so abusive. 

    What happens next? Well, Crystal is definitely going to explore this “soul bound” magic Cece was talking about. We’ll be sure to cover more of that next time. In the mean time, we have a Christmas comic coming! Stay tuned!

See ya next time!

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