Uhh, Demonstorm? I don’t think Stan and Andrea Whitefox put their students in THAT much danger when they were training them. Yes, there were some death-defying situations. But, they didn’t involve pits of lava and crashing walls. That kind of thing just wasn’t done. If anything, their training regiment was catered to their own skill sets. Sure they had challenges similar to these but I don’t think the mashers moved THAT fast! Clearly Demonstorm here is insane. Wait until the Starbolts finally confront him. It’s gonna be a doozie. First they won’t recognize him. Second they’ll ask “What the hell?”

This week’s comic showcased all four members of M’anta’s team. M’anta is understandably frustrated and annoyed with everything since he thought Demonstorm was gone. Jenna got to showcase her new armor. Jack blasted a hole in a wall. Norad can still use some old tricks despite being in a new body. Pretty useful don’t you think? I think M’anta will be okay given some time. He apologized for his outburst right away and that’s good. But, he’s still determined to stop Demonstorm. I think that dunk in a fish tank will be well deserved!

I know I said I was going to include the reasoning why Firaxil did what he did last week. We will get to it. I guess I got a bit carried away this week with the pit of lava and the smashing walls. We will get to it next comic. I promise.

So, while everyone is fighting for their lives, Demonstorm is getting a cup of tea. I got nothing. The man is clearly not playing with a full deck.

See ya next time!

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