Wow. Demonstorm is in deep trouble. He managed to anger an “S” level Starbolt. If Manta has trouble facing the mad tyrant, you can bet Firaxil will be on hand to help finish the job. Our Inobe friend is NOT happy with the vision he saw and nor should he be. Firaxil seeing his wife dying and knowing the sex of the baby is what made him realize the vision he saw was false. Hopefully, after a talk with Sara he will be on the mend. Demonstorm is going to learn the hard way that Firaxil is no longer the Starbolt he used to be.

    Of course he isn’t the only Starbolt put through the wringer. Marcus may have had half of his problems resolved by a talk with his best friend. However, the other half of his soul needs mending and we’ll be covering that in the 570s. There’s still a lingering issue with Crystal that needs to be dealt with. Poor guy. There will be ramifications for him to be sure. I know Crystal will be on hand to mend his broken heart. 

    Speedsters tend to be the heart of the team. Look at the Flash in the Justice League. Not so much the Avenger known as Quicksilver. That guy is a bit of a jerk. Flash on the other hand, though a jokster, is the heart. If he dies, the Justice League quickly becomes the Justice Lords or some other dark reality is formed. That’s what Sam and I were getting at with this scene. He’s the bright light amidst all the crazy the Starbolts deal with day in and day out.

    Then we come to Takashi. He harbored feelings for Kaori and Demonstorm preyed on them. He was a lot easier to mend than the other guys. Crystal gave him some good advice. I think he’ll be just fine given some time. They all will. For now they need to find Demonstorm and end this madness.

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