Looks like we got two storylines going before we head into Starbolts #600. Will we have time to fit them all in? Probably. First we have the final conclusion to the “Heart of Illibrata” arc. This may see Angela finally return home from her time with the Centurions. Will Medea help? Well, she’s helped four Starbolts in what I’d like to call her “Redemption Tour”. She might as well, right? What does she have to lose?

    The next arc involves Ellie and her mother. As you might recall, Elisabeth was the head of Terra Nova until she was stopped back in Starbolts #441. Incidentally, that raid also brought the Starbolts four more recruits to the New Starbolts team. Behind the scenes more students have been added to the academy as you can tell by the panel showing all of the kids.

    Eagle-eyed readers might notice Syntax is among the students as well as a Setleth, a Dovianni, a couple wizards from the Order of Korun and a couple random teens. More kids are likely hiding behind the speech bubble. So, there’s probably thirty kids in that classroom. There may even be more! It is an academy after all. Sam and I felt the need to make it feel more like a school by adding more kids.

Now, with that said….Who could Ellie be talking to? Find out next time!

See ya then!

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