This week we get a little sidetracked from what’s going on with Ellie to bring a new metahuman the Starbolts need to deal with. Her name is Cynthia and she has ice powers. Apparently, she’s also a little off. We’ll find out more about her story in the coming weeks. Could she be connected to Ellie in some way? Could she render that dating website plan the Starbolts had for TK moot? It’s hard to say.

    Still, it was cool of Garazo to give Takashi a very epic introduction wasn’t it? Now everyone is going to want a cool intro by Garazo for their Department of Metahumans profiles. Too bad Crystal and Marcus aren’t there. You know they’d be all over that type of introduction. Especially Marcus.  

    It’s still good to see the Starbolts on the case when a new metahuman pops up. As you saw last week, the academy was getting a lot more new students. We could see many more in the future. After all, one metahuman/magic user/non powered person they can help means one less villain in the world. I don’t think the world would be able to handle Cynthia if her powers went out of whack. The whole world would become a winter wonderland.

See ya next time!

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