Tenera was pretty much relegated to being a taxi driver this week, huh? To be honest I’d rather ride in a space taxi than take a cab around Boston. It probably smells a fair bit better in the shuttlecraft. Anyway, it looks like Sid is finally going to get a stern talking to about how he treats ladies. The Agents and Starbolts couldn’t get through to him. So, perhaps Shrall might. It worked for Tanis! I wonder what Shrall is doing differently than the others are at this point. Either way, he may come back to Earth a changed man! I kind of wonder what Shenra wants him for. We may catch up with him. We may not. It depends.

    Kevin and Angela are finally on Illibrata and now they can visit the heart and update it on everything. How will it react to the sudden change of events? Angela is no longer a threat to the planet or the heart. Perhaps everything will be fine now. Time will tell!

    It does suck when people have to deal with bureaucratic nonsense, though. At least they corrected their mistake. Check out Starbolts #513 if you want to see what incident Angela was referring to! More action is coming next week! 

See ya next time!

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