This week’s comic has a couple things going on. First up is Angela and her conversation with the Centurion Force. At the end of her talk, she was enveloped in a white light. This means that she once again has superpowers aside from her empathic abilities. Angela is no longer overpowered, though. Instead of forcing the truth out of people and turning into a being of light, she now has the abilities that come from being a regular Centurion. This means that she can:

* Fly

* Shoot energy blasts

* Open a stargate

* Has a moderate degree of superhuman strength

    I think that’s more than enough for our angel! She may have been a tad overpowered and this was a good way to scale her powers back some. But, that’s not all! She is now an avatar of the Centurion force and is a Centurion who isn’t attached to any world. This means that she doesn’t need to have the red and blue armor with the bucket. She’ll have an uniform of her choosing. I’ll have to decide what it looks like and I have some ideas running through my head.

See Starbolts #515 for the promise she made to the heart of Illibrata. You might notice a change in the cave in that comic and in this week’s. Well, that’s because when the heart was mended and sent to the nanobots, the area in the cave healed and as a result got much brighter than before.

    Next we see how our fastest man alive, Marcus is doing. He’s doing pretty well all things considered. Don’t get me wrong. There were probably nights where he was very restless. Thankfully, Crystal is on hand to help her boyfriend in any way. She’s with him through thick and thin.

    Still, I wonder how Marcus fighting Codystorm managed to get rid of Crystal’s many nightmares. Was it a coincidence? It’s hard to say. Maybe it’s a bit of both. If you remember during the fight in Starbolts #582, he was fighting Crystal’s fear of Cody and not so much Cody himself. He did something and he wasn’t sure what it was. At least it turned out for the best. She no longer has any hangups and that’s a good thing. 

    As far as Crystal goes, here we see her being more confident than she’s ever been. She’s modeling in a transparent blue gown Yeena gave her. She has found modeling helps her confidence. She needs the confidence if she’s to explore her feelings. Don’t forget. The spells she used to have kind of blocked some of those feelings.

    I guess in a way the two Starbolts are in the same boat. Both need to relearn a few things. Thankfully, they have each other. That’s all anyone can really ask for!

    Man, Danar is gonna flip if he sees those pictures….

See ya next time!

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