This week’s comic is dedicated to a family friend who passed away a few days ago. Her name was Marina and she was a friend of the family for many years. When I started working on this story in the mid 1990s, she provided much needed tips and advice for characters I was working on. For example, she thought it was clever that I was thinking of making insect-like aliens called the Mosqukatara and basing them off of mosquitoes that were basically eating us alive at the marina where we talked. She had a boat close to ours and I would visit every time I was down. Marina was a fan of comics, too, and we’d talk comics and movies when they were released.

    When I started turning my story into a webcomic in 2008, she thought that was pretty cool. I showed her the first comic and she was entertained. Over time I showed her more and more comics and she appreciated how the stories evolved over time and how the characters seemed more “human” with each passing strip. She always liked the Stan Lee approach to character and world-building. This meant that there would be a human aspect to the character regardless if they were a human who could shoot fire from her hands or if he was a blue-skinned alien from an aquatic planet. 

    I last sent her a comic over the fourth of July weekend. It was this one, Starbolts #588. I don’t know if she ever got the chance to read the strip. But, I like to think that she did. She was always one to offer advice or tips like I said. She never had a harsh word to say about the comic or story. She encouraged me in all the ways that matters and helped me fine tune the story into what we have today. I’d like to think that she would be glad I’m still going strong since I’m almost at my 600th comic. 

    She had some great thoughts on the comic and I really wish I could share some of my recent ideas with her. But, it is what it is. The only thing I can do now is continue and what what I’ve always done. Produce the comic and hopefully she’s up there watching me. It’s all I can hope for. Rest in peace, my friend. I’ll miss you!

    As far as this week’s comic goes, I think Sara just single-handedly altered police procedures for an entire planet. Her parents would be so pleased. Not to mention the Alliance. They probably take a dim view on torture and would be pleased that the practice of torturing prisoners will be abolished in the very near future. Sabina is a hard sell. So, it’s definitely going to take some time. Alliance worlds were probably urging them to change their policies and so having Sara act as an ambassador here kind of made their case. Even while pregnant and on another planet, she’s still a Starbolt.

    I do appreciate how we have Firaxil watching Sara and his mother Dendra cook dinner. If you think about it, it’s an amazing sight to see because two years ago he thought BOTH women were dead. Now here they are alive and well and making…..I honestly have no idea what that is. It looks like lasagna crossed between some kind of pie. I’m not sure where my brain was when I decided to make that panel. I’m just going with it. At least it’s edible and enjoyable? Then again Sabina called it adequate….

    It’s hard to believe Starbolts #600 is six comics away at this point. Time flies when you’re having fun! Tune in next week as we continue down that road! It’s sure to be a fun comic! Trust me! But, first we have a few more character driven comics to churn out. Do stay tuned!

See ya next time! 

RIP Marina.

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