Well, this week’s comic got “muy caliente” near the end didn’t it? Surprise! There’s a pretty good reason for why that happened. Angela wanted to test her confidence out on Kevin since Crystal is very confident with Marcus. You can definitely see that in previous comics and in Starbolts #436 when she asked him to move in with her. Now she’s attempting to get back to where she was with Marcus before he had Demonstorm in his head. He’s had a lot of therapy. I’ll be sure to reference it later! Angela basically wants to experience love and impulse the way her friend does. It seemed like a good idea.

    Right now let’s turn our attention to Angela. She’s not one to usually be so confident as Crystal. But, she’s trying. Some advice from her brother, Mateo, certainly helped. I do like how the conversation came out because I missed having those two have some screen time. Angela is well on her way to taking a cue from her friends. Embrace being with your significant other and take charge when the moment seemed right.

    I do like her advice for Crystal, though. Taking Marcus out on a date with no powers of any kind sounds like a fantastic idea and it’s bound to work in her favor. 

    As far as Richie goes, the poor kid was a pair of arms this week. I’ll have to make it up to him somehow. At least the Centurion Force gave him a moderate amount of superstrength. Because of that, he’s pretty good with the heavy lifting.

     If you’d like, here’s the translation for the Spanish bits.

Angela: I will like living here with you.

Kevin: Yes. Me, too.

I think those two are gonna be okay as roommates! 

See ya next time!

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