For this week’s comic, I decided to focus on the Agents for a change since we don’t really see them that often. Usually they’re in the mentor/parent roles for the Starbolts. It’s good to see them his be the original generation of Earth’s mightiest heroes as well. However, this week I wanted to show them reacting to all the recent goings on with the Starbolts AND give them one final victory over Terra Nova. That being the return of Pegasus.

    I originally titled the comic “A Small Victory”. It seemed nice and everything. But, the more I thought about it, I was thinking Pegasus’s return was like the ship of Theseus. Is a backup of Pegasus still Pegasus? That’s an interesting question. The “Ship of Theseus” question was brought up in the last episode of “Wandavision”. If you’d like to see that clip, check it out. Or watch the show on Disney+ That reminds me. She-Hulk has been awesome so far! So, is Pegasus really Pegasus? Yes, he is. He’ll be getting a new body sooner or later. We seem to be making a lot of android bodies around here, huh?

    Before that scene in the armory, we had Andrea and Elaine talking about everything. Poor Andrea has been through a lot now that two daughters have been revealed to her. Everything worked out for sure. But, it still is a lot to take in. She will adapt to it all in time. Speaking of Crystal and Sara, I think they are definitely going to call Elaine the “cool aunt” and they will definitely want to see the new and improved Pegasus. You can’t keep a good android down can you? Richard wanted to save him and well now he’s back! What happens next is going to be pretty exciting as we march on toward Starbolts #600!

 Starbolts #541 and Starbolts #542 were referenced this week. Check ’em out!

See ya next time!

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