It looks like Holly just discovered something a little uhh….spicy in the files of Terra Nova this week! I get the feeling this newly discovered footage will push Val into talking to Sara sooner rather than later. I don’t think they’re going to be able to put this off for much longer! I think you might agree! They are going to have to confront their past relationship even if that relationship was technically with Sara’s Sola personality. Would that even be a consenting relationship in that case? I think that’s up for philosophers to decide. Or at least Angela. She can sort through that mess!

    At any rate, it looks like Valentina got herself a job working as a paralegal for the academy. This will mean big things for her and her life will ultimately turn around. Next, I suppose Simon will have to find some work. He could work as a techie. However, with his ability to duplicate himself he would put all of the techies the Academy has out of a job. He’ll find something, I’m sure.

    It does look like three former members of the Legion are doing well for themselves now. We have Simon, Val and Holly in one place. Perhaps they can advocate for Granite’s freedom? I’m sure they can. Who knows? Perhaps there’s even footage Holly found that could exonerate him and not just footage of Sola and Val. There’s probably footage of the other members of the Legion, too! Some footage might help their case. Some might not. We will have to see.

See ya next time!

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