This week’s comic has Valentina reacting to the recently discovered footage of her being intimate with Sara/Sola. Naturally, she was a little freaked out because of the implications involved and now some secrets have been revealed. The first, of course, being that she was initially attracted to Crystal many years ago. Don’t bother digging into the archives to find evidence of that because those feelings fell by the wayside over time! Though, you could argue that she was trying to keep her safe from Tornado in Starbolts #308 when Crystal infiltrated the Legion’s headquarters and in Starbolts #348 and Starbolts #349 when she finally saw the light.

    Val has a very complicated relationship with the daughters of Stan and Andrea. That’s for sure. Crystal is obviously accepting of her, her sister and everyone. Look at who she has has friends! The Starbolts are a very diverse group of people. They learned from the best and I think Stan and Andrea themselves would be accepting of everything.

    We probably won’t see Sara talking to her parents about everything as next week we have our annual Halloween comic. Rest assured, they will be talking about the situation! It’d be very awkward indeed! The video will not get leaked and I think several security measures would be put in place.

    At least the worst is over. Now it’s time to get ready for our Halloween comic! See ya next time!

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