Two new story arcs are about to begin this week! One will see the return of Cobra aka Richard Smythe and the other will see Sara on her journey to becoming whole once again. The question is how did she get fragmented to begin with? Why is she unable to summon a shield when her twin sister can? These are all very good questions and they will be answered in time. She's going to have one hell of a journey coming up and I think she'll be better for it. You might even say she'll come out of it a new woman. Shh. Spoilers.

As for the Snake, I was tempted to have him hang out in the last panel. But, at this time he's a little busy trying to find Stan Whitefox's library. He needs something in there that might help him with his small ghost problem. What could he be planning? He was observing everyone who has a connection to Terra Nova except Sara. So, it's really curious what he's up to. We know he wants to rid himself of the ghosts of Soldier Six. What will he do to achieve those goals? The plot is thickening. More shall be revealed next time.

See ya then!

OH! And I should note. No. Crystal and Marcus did not go off to be intimate. Cobra just assumes the worst of people because he’s a jerk.

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