This week’s comic sees Sara travel twenty thousand light years to a planet at the border of the Beta and Delta Quadrant and what does the first Terran out that far do? Yaks her dinner. That’ll leave a lasting impression on the Venatii. Eh, I’m sure it’ll be fine. Worse things have probably happened on their world. I will say that it was difficult designing their buildings. Sam suggested something we’ve never seen before in alien architecture. Round buildings with no straight lines in sight. I think I managed to get the right idea. It is a good one since so many buildings in the galaxy have corners and all that. As you can see, the planet is very flat. It’s basically just grasslands and cities as far as the eye can see. It’s amazing how the Venatii evolved in this fashion.

    Still, let’s hope that the pools offer our heroine a solution to her soul problem. As seen in this week’s comic, Stan worked tirelessly to try to help his daughter ever since she returned from Clive’s captivity. As Earth’s sorcerer supreme, he was able to detect Sara’s fractured soul. He didn’t want to alarm her and so sought out to fix things himself. Sadly, there were no Terran remedies at hand. Once again a daughter of Stan Whitefox needed to seek help far beyond the confines of Earth. He’s okay with it. Trust me!

    Meanwhile, it looks like the Snake has gotten a bit more brazen in his observation of the Whitefoxes. Observing his prey at dinner probably isn’t a good idea especially when you’ve got two super-soldiers, a couple witches, an alien shapeshifter and Earth’s sorcerer supreme at the dining room table! On a scale of one to ten for bad ideas, this is probably an eleven and a half. What does he want? And why weren’t Anya and Marcus at dinner? Well, I’m sure they had some other stuff going on. This was spur of the moment after all. They’ll be filled in in time. However, the Snake is a looming threat. The Starbolts better beware because the Cobra will strike soon!

See ya next time!

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