How's this for an amazing coincidence? This week's comic comes out on "International Twin's Day"! That's pretty cool, right? I don't know if Sam and I intended it to be like this or not because we were a little late working on the comic. Not sure what I can say to that but it is cool. 

As you know Shrall and Crystal both have a twin, M'anta and Sara respectively. Both of them are younger than their siblings by a matter of minutes and so they have quite a bit in common. The only difference is M'anta tends to be more by the book than Shrall is. If someone were to ask Crystal and Sara who the "evil twin" was, Sara would shrug and say it was her and there would be no objections.

The twin thing is a connection that twins have to their siblings. M'anta and Shrall have it along with their telepathic connection. Sara and Crystal do as well despite the fact that they were never in utero together. They still had a strong bond and it only got stronger when the truth about their parentage was revealed.  Crystal is not used to the connection and so it's a good thing Shrall was nearby so he could explain everything to her.

Shrall and Crystal were friends before she even knew she was a twin so there's that connection. Now they have something to bond over. Their siblings are career driven workaholics who need some fun in their lives from time to time. But, Shrall is a bit more used to "the twin thing" than Crystal is and so she's going to be calling on him for guidance a lot more than she used to. 

Now as for Cobra. It looks like the ghosts are going to be in deep trouble. How are four ghosts going to be able to contact the Starbolts and warn them? We'll find out in the new year. I promise. We'll have that and more coming your way. Stay tuned for the annual Christmas comic!

See ya next time!

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