You knew this was coming. Jack was on the road to becoming the new Iron Eagle and the destruction of the mansion really kicked it into high gear. Snake has no idea what he's in for now that his old "friend" has embraced his grandfather's legacy. This was something Terra Nova feared and why they tried to kill him on D.I.S.C.O.R.D. island all those years ago. Snake is in some deep trouble!

I think the conversation between Scarlett and Anya was pretty good. It's not often someone gets to talk to their boyfriend's dead ex. Not too awkward at all AND they at least have that shared love for Jack in common. So, that works. He's lucky he has two ladies looking out for him. And the best part is that Scarlett and Anya don't have hard feelings toward each other. Anya has to do what Scarlett can't and just be there for Jack. She will. Count on it!

Now, about that ship Holly mentioned. We know that Terra Nova hasn't shied away from using alien tech before. They did have Firaxil's parents captured. The alien ship is not Inobe. However, the ship did belong to a race we have seen before in the comic. No spoilers yet. But, sufficed it to say, people are not going to be happy.

Why would Terra Nova use alien tech, though? All will be revealed soon. It's just interesting that a terrorist group like that would use technology from an alien ship to suit their needs. Interesting, indeed. The question is who owned that ship and will the Starbolts be able to find it? Stay tuned!

See ya next time for more damage control! And doesn’t Jack look spiffy in red, white and blue?

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