Wow! There are quite a few reveals this week, huh? There are bound to be more surprises around the corner. For now let’s just unpack what we have here. First off we have the revelation that the ship that crashed and was sent to Area 51 was an Aquan vessel attempting to find help since Aquarius was under Mosqukatara rule. The bugs ruled the planet for several decades and was liberated when the queen was killed. You can see the final battle in Starbolts #467 and Starbolts #468. In the daces before that, Criam sent soldiers out into the Alpha quadrant looking for help. One ship unfortunately made its way to Earth and well….the results speak for themselves.

As it happens, the facility where the ship was built and where the aliens were taken was actually the place where Sara and Crystal were born. Their future caretaker, Cece, visited the same facility in October of 1983 when her brain was zapped by Zarantha and she became the pair’s nanny. You can see the action in Starbolts #551. Looks like a desk was conveniently added to the room in the intervening decades. That was nice of Terra Nova. Too bad about the smell. I’m not sure what it could be. Might just be bad ventilation for all we know.

Finally, it looks like Ruby was Andrea’s old nemesis, Masque. This unfortunately means that the villain carried Lady Liberty’s baby. I don’t think Ruby did it out of the kindness of her heart, though. No. She did it because she wanted the child to grow up to kill Lady Liberty. The tables have turned and now Crystal is Lady Liberty. She’s not happy to learn that Ruby was Lady Liberty’s arch nemesis. But, it is cool that Sara and Crystal were born on Halloween. This makes them Scorpios. That would explain so, so much, wouldn’t it?

Jack looks comfortable in his role as Iron Eagle. He’s definitely going to be put to the test. Running damage control is one thing. Going up against an old “friend” will be something else. So much stuff going on this week. I do wonder how Sara’s doing and how she’ll react to the news that Clive didn’t deliver her. Time will tell, my friends!

See ya next time!

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