I guess you could say things have gone from bad to worse for our heroes now that Smythe and his cohorts have initiated a jailbreak and freed Ruby Arronfeld and several of her fellow inmates. Don't feel too bad about her husband, Jeb. Chances are he looked at a surly alien the wrong way and ended up dead in the exercise yard. It happened quick and it happened not long after their arrival at the Inobe pen. Can't say he'll be missed!

I picked some random aliens for the transporter effect. I dunno if we’ll actually see them when the Starbolts finally catch up to the Gaea. We’ll see. Suffice it to say the relationship with the Inobe are a little shaky but not as bad as Danar is making it out to be. He tends to over-exaggerate and Crystal rightfully put him in his place.

As far as her parents go, it seems something is sapping Stan's magical energy and that's why he can't teleport out of there. Something may also be heightening Andrea's emotions. It's hard to say right now. But, all will be revealed in time.

Crystal's still dealing with the revelation from last comic so I don't think she's up for dealing with Danar at the moment. That's why she lashed out. It was definitely called for because Danar is a jerk.  She'll have some time to breathe next comic and have a talk with a friend. 

Stay tuned as this story marches on!

See ya next time!

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