Wow! Elisabeth plans on unleashing Kyodon on the people of Earth? That’s not good. That’s something a next level supervillain would do. In fact, that’s what the dark avatars did to Aquarius a long time ago. We last saw Kyodon way back in Starbolts #290 and she was under the control of Jaro himself. What could she possibly want with that creature? Well, Terra Nova does mean “New Earth”, right? Perhaps she really does want the organization to finally live up to its name and go out with a bang.

Speaking of bangs it looks like the Xazes had its fair share of bangs and now they have two intruders on board in the form of amorphous purple blobs. They won’t stay that shape for long. They’re Inobe and they can change their shape into anything. They may be better shapeshifters than our pal, Firaxil. However, they will be no match for a Centurion! Look to see some more action next time!

Jack trying to appeal to his friend was definitely in vain. So much for talking him out of the madness. More madness is bound to come now that the avatars are free and they plan on unleashing a giant space turtle on Earth. This doesn’t bode well for our heroes.

Stay tuned!!

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