I figured a bit of levity was in order this week after a few comics where tragedy seemed to follow our heroes. Enter two criminal Inobe whose shapeshifting abilities have been severely limited as punishment for their crimes. Don’t get me wrong. They’re still dangerous and one Inobe on a starship can cause a lot of damage. However, these two have inhibitors implanted in their bodies that deny them the ability to change form or limit the form they can take. They turned into pink blobs when they beamed on board and that was the last time they were able to transform. Alton and Yelva didn’t think things through, did they?

    Meanwhile, it looks like Cobra is on his way to Earth and has challenged the Watchtower to a battle. He can try to fight them. But, we know that he’ll fail miserably. Or will he? There will be plenty of action next week. So, stay tuned! And hey is that Pegasus and Yeena with him? Hmmm….I wonder what they’re up to.

 I do like the brief character bit I put in for M’anta and Jenna. As a telepath, you can imagine the thoughts of his teammates are filling his mind and are distracting him a little. He needs to focus so that his team can win the day. Let’s hope he can maintain focus…..and not turn into an amorphous pink blob.

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