Trigger warning: This week’s comic includes a scene involving the sexual abuse of a minor and grooming tactics. If you or anyone you know has been sexually abused, please seek help.


    This week’s comic has a trigger warning because once again Cody is in it. I don’t think I’ll be able to ever do a comic with him in it that doesn’t have a trigger warning up top. At least this week we’ve found out a few new things about him. The first and most obvious thing is that he was hired by Ruby to be Crystal’s “bodyguard”. Well, the “bodyguard” got a little too close to his charge and things happened. Our heroine was clearly impacted by these events and we know that eventually she was saved by Marcus and joined the Starbolts. She eventually fell in love with Marcus and the rest is history. Still, it’s hard to see/read these stories with Cody. But, this bit of the tale had to be told because of what’ll happen when Crystal inevitably confronts Ruby. He was hired by Terra Nova and he decided to take advantage of the situation. Once Crystal finds out about all this (And she will) you can bet that heads will roll.

    As you can tell by Ruby’s conversation with Elisabeth, she felt perfectly justified by her actions. Ruby was and still is consumed with jealousy since she has a bitter rivalry with Andrea. It’s probably a one sided rivalry. But, it’s a rivalry nonetheless. Ruby was supposed to train her to fight Andrea. Things didn’t go as planned and Crystal thankfully escaped. Though, she did come out with some scars.

    I also have a bit of a scenario of what happened after the tryst. Crystal ran from Cody’s apartment with her ripped dress and tried to run away from everything. She did NOT enjoy her time with that man at all. She tried to run away and was caught by Ruby’s henchmen who dragged her back to her house kicking and screaming. In the heat of the moment, she forgot about Firaxil (then known as Dennis) and just needed to run from everything. After that moment, things went downhill until she was rescued and I don’t think I’ll be writing about those moments. It depends, I guess. I really don’t like revisiting Cody.

    At least Crystal is on the mend these days. She’s planning on using Jeb as the “guest of honor” at the Terra Nova “funeral”. As you can imagine, it won’t be a pretty. It will be cathartic, though given all the things she went through under their “care”. 

    I do like how the two flashbacks mesh together this week. They’re in the same time period but a different perspective. Hence the title. But, while Ruby felt perfectly justified by her actions, Crystal bore the brunt of the decisions. Things are going to explode soon and we’ll see some intense fireworks!

See ya next time!

Oh, and it should be noted that Cody died in Starbolts #504 and is now roasting in the bad place for all eternity as seen in Starbolts #506.

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