Kyodon has arrived on Earth and she is not happy! We last saw the giant fire breathing space turtle way back in Starbolts #290. It took Angela and her then limitless cosmic power to quell the beast’s rampage back then. Now? I think it’s gonna take more than just a little convincing for her to stop now that she’s on a different planet. She didn’t take kindly to being abducted and her wrath will be quite tremendous as Jaro explained.

    Speaking of Jaro, can you believe how smarmy this guy is? The dude is trying to get somewhere with the boss of a terrorist organization. But, is it really a crush or an attempt to curry her favor? Probably the latter. I don’t see Jaro really having any feelings for Elisabeth. Still, it is kinda smarmy isn’t it?

    Either way, the baddies are back on Earth and you might be wondering why they didn’t kidnap Yeena when they had the chance. She was an Agent and a Starbolts parent. I guess they don’t really see her as an Agent and decided to not take her. That will be a grave mistake as we’ll see soon enough!!

    It’s also a good thing Richie escaped with the kids and everyone when he could. I can’t imagine Sara’s wrath if something happened to Dendra. Well, actually I can. Can you say “Dark Phoenix”? Looks like things are heating up and the snake just doesn’t care who he hurts at this point. 

Prepare for Kyodon’s wrath next week, though. It should be a good one! 

See ya next time!

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