Kyodon is about to make landfall in the city and the Starbolts have to prepare for her arrival. How will they stop her? She has already judged M’anta, Shrall and Aquita for not leaving when they could. So, it looks like the beast may be out for their blood. Things are looking bleak for our heroes. How will they stop her?

    Well, the answer may come from an unlikely source. I’m not going to spoil anything right away. However, the clues are in the conversation Yeena had with Ellie. It looks like Yeena is two for two in this storyline when it comes to dealing with characters who have a traumatic past. If you recall Crystal had a similar talk with her royal highness back in Starbolts #622. Yeena is pretty good with the advice and it looks like we got some insight into what motivates Kyodon.

    It seems that the giant turtle is like a genie. She has to obey whoever is controlling her and so far no one has been able to do it. I imagine Shrall and co were trying to free her from the bonds ever since she was first released. What would it take to FINALLY free her of the control of others? Something’s gotta help her and I’m sure Kyodon would be quite relieved to finally be free after so many centuries of doing the bidding of various ne’er do wells. Time will tell.

 Ellie’s reaction to everything is pretty well justified. Can’t blame her for not being a fan of her mother right now. I’m pretty sure those two will have a LOT to talk about soon.

So much more drama is coming up. Stay tuned, true believers!

See ya next time!

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