This week the Starbolts are gearing up to fight a giant fire-breathing space turtle. How do you even fight something like that? Angela tried talking to her back in Starbolts #290 and successfully quelled her rampage. Since her powers have been diminished, I don’t think the same trick can work a second time. So, the Starbolts had to come up with an alternative lest their city becomes a parking lot.

   The call went out to the young and innocent among the Starbolts. They are the ones who could potentially stop Kyodon before she causes too much property damage. It’s a good thing Crystal and Jack went to see the mayor before the turtle arrived. After what happened in Starbolts #618, can you really blame them for taking action here to prevent a crisis? No, no you really can’t!

 I really like how Yeena is stepping up to the plate in this story because she’s basically one of the only few Agents who haven’t been kidnapped. It falls on her to advise the Starbolts in these matters. However, it looks like the former queen is about to take matters into her own hands with the help of Pegasus. Will they be able to find the Agents? Let’s hope so!

Oh and I should point out that the coordinates I put in the comic is a real world location. It’s not an island. It’s actually open ocean about three hundred miles from Kiribati. Thank you, Google Earth!!

See ya next time as we’ll see if Yeena and Pegasus can find the Agents of S.T.A.R. AND if Ellie and Richie can stop Kyodon before it’s too late.

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