First of all, if you’re here because of Nash’s shoutout on RDA, welcome!  I hope we can live up to whatever hype Nash gives us!

Now, on to the meat and potatoes!
I’ve been on the road with this new driving job for about two months now and I’ve already seen some improvements.  I have a regular cash flow that can get me more than a bottle of pop and a burger, I’m able to at least try and see folks I want to see, and I have more time to catch up on podcasts I’ve slacked on (including one from this very site).
But as I sit here while a bunch of guys put a load in my rear (yes, that wording was intentional), I start realizing that I miss doing the podcasts and videos.  Sure, I managed to finish up Undertale (those’ll be coming out throughout the rest of January), but only because I found myself with some unexpected home time.  One of my major goals is to get a good gaming laptop and headset so I can continue to produce on the road.

So far, it hasn’t happened.

Thankfully, one of the good things about team driving is that we can cover more miles.  More miles means more pay, obviously.

It’s my hope that, within a couple of months, I’ll be able to start producing regularly again, along with driving.  The best of both worlds, I think.

About Gomer

Host of Thespian Talk, The Junk Drawer, and various other productions out there on the Internet!

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